4 Reasons Why Airplane Accidents Happen

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Despite modern aircraft being technologically sophisticated, there are still several crashes that unexpectedly take place. Additionally, their complexity is sometimes an open door for humans to make mistakes. Below are the most common causes of aircraft accidents where you can ask support from airplane accident attorneys.

Pilot Error

A study was found that among the most common reasons why airplane crashes happen is because of carelessness. One glaring mistake is neglecting to examine the hydraulic pressure during the checklist for pre-landing for landing flaps and gear. That alone accounted for over 26% of crashes due to pilot error. Flawed decisions, including approaching an airport from an altitude that is too high, weak crew interaction, and miscalculations on the forces acting on the aircraft, all accounted for 56% of crashes. However, some professionals questioned whether the error the pilots made was due to their inability to overcome air transportation systemic problems, including time pressure and inadequate information.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures can also be the result of mistakes from flight crews. One example is the crash in 1980, where an engine of a British airliner started to malfunction, as reported by the Air Accidents Investigation Board.

Unfortunately, the flight crew believed that it was the other engine with the damage and decided to shut it down. They only realized their mistake when the plane suddenly lost power at 4.44 kilometers away from their destination’s runway. It eventually resulted in a crash and claimed 47 passengers’ lives.


When an airplane crashes in a storm, people will inevitably wonder if the weather was accountable for it. As it turns out, the weather is a significant hazard for small airlines. They are 20 times more at risk of weather-related accidents for every 100,000 hours of flight compared to huge airlines that are jet-powered.

Intentional Crashes

Most of the time, intentional crashes have been caused by terrorists that plant bombs on airliners. One famous incident was the Pan Am Flight last 1988, where Libyan agents placed an explosive device inside a suitcase and blew up while the plane was on air over Scotland. It killed roughly 270 people. A rare and more disturbing scenario is when a suicidal pilot sets his mind to take his life along with the passengers and crew by intentionally crashing the plane.

If you have friends or relatives that were victims of airplane crashes, don’t hesitate to consult an airplane accident attorney now. It’s essential to get the justice you deserve.