4 Tips When Moving During The Winter Season In Richmond VA

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Winter this year will be coming by December and is forecasted to last for three months.  It could be a great time if you’re planning to move on these periods, however, you need to be ready with probable concerns while your moving. Prevent these issues from happening beforehand, read on as we discuss some of the helpful tips when moving during the winter season in Richmond VA.

It’s The Winter Season, Isn’t It a Bad Time To Move?

As absurd as it may sound, moving during the winter season can actually be a good idea. Let us tell you why :

  • Moving Services Are More Affordable – moving companies usually have a discounted rate during winter because it’s an offseason for most transport businesses. Most people don’t schedule any major activities during wintertime as well, thus you have a higher chance of booking a schedule you prefer. 
  • Real Estate Prices Can Be Lower In The Winterresearch suggests that properties during winter in Richmond VA and all other states are actually cheaper. It is mainly because the demand in real estate is at its peak during summer and its lowest during winter, making the price lower as well. 
  • Spend New Year At Your New Place – whether you are renting or buying, a fresh start on a new year is always a good idea. A new place to decorate and a different environment, and that is only if you planned to move by December, the start of winter. 

Ok, I’m convinced to move during winter, what should I do?
If you already made a decision to move during wintertime in Richmond VA, here are four major things worth considering :

Ready your New Home 

before you sign up for a schedule with a Richmond VA movers company, make sure that the home is ready first. Check also for these important things so that wintertime won’t stress you out: 

  • Heat, lights And Other Utilities – make sure that everything works out fine; schedule a visit prior to moving to test their conditions. 
  • Clear Walkways, Lane, And Parking Area Of Snow – to avoid stress upon your arrival at your new place, have an advance party or someone to clear the snow on these areas. This is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the movers won’t stay longer than stated. 

Ready Your Old Home For Moving Out

you should also do necessary preparations when you move out. Here are the things you can do :

  • Clear walkways, lane, And Parking Area Of Snow – similar to when moving in, clear the snow on these areas on the day you move out. This is also to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the movers won’t stay longer as scheduled when they are loading your items on the van. 
  • Have Some Hot Drinks Ready – it’s blistering cold and you can help the moving staff keep warm by serving hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and chocolate. It’s a good gesture that will be surely appreciated
  • Have Extra Hats And Gloves – although it’s pretty much standard to anyone to have these essentials during wintertime, it’s always better to have a back up just in case. 

Have a Contingency Plan 

although monitoring the weather forecast is the first thing you can do, there’s always a possibility of an unforeseen winter storm. Verify with your moving company regarding their policies on rescheduling during force majeure.

You may also want to discuss the matter to the landlord or real estate agent of the new place. Planning is important so that you won’t spend more and minimize stress during the moving day. 

Have a plan For Emergency Situations

maintain close coordination with all those involved in the moving; the mover company’s staff, your household, and the people in charge of the new place.  If the roads are icy and wet, it’s better to delay a little than putting your valuables and other people in danger. Ready with all your emergency kits, and vehicle tools, just in case something happened during your travel.   


The key when moving during the winter season in Richmond VA is extra planning. Having this and a carefully thought contingency plan, you can easily accomplish your moving during wintertime.