A Guide To Selecting The Best Firewood

When selecting firewood for your masonry fireplace, the best way is to know what kind of wood you should use.

What are the benefits of knowing the exact types of wood to use? First, it saves you time and effort. Second, you have basic knowledge about what wood you can use in different situations.

There is a difference in the properties of hard, soft, and manufactured wood. Lucky for you, this article differentiates these types.

Hardwood Types

From the name itself, hardwood has a dense composition, which makes them slow burners. Many use this type of wood for cooking, fireplaces, and camping.


  • Burns easily
  • Used as a natural fire starter
  • Produces a long-lasting flame, especially when combined with oak wood
  • It has three types: black, white, and yellow birch.


  • This wood can sustain the flame for an extended time
  • Used for warming or heating food
  • This type can burn even without other types of wood present


  • A popular type among consumers
  • You can find this type anywhere
  • Has the longest burning time among all hardwood types
  • Considered the best kind of hardwood

Softwood Types

Compared to hardwood, softwoods are generally low in density and light in color. This type produces smoke and fire faster, which is why many campers prefer softwoods. 


  • The sturdiest type of softwood
  • There is a need to season this type
  • Mix with hardwood to produce scorching and sustainable fires
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for cooking


  • You don’t need to season it to produce long-lasting fires
  • Heat lasts long despite small flames
  • You may hear a crackling noise
  • Burning cedar has a pleasant smell, often used in essential oils


  • Burns and lights quickly but may need frequent refueling
  • The best fire starter among all softwoods
  • It has a high sap and resin components

Manufactured Wood Types

As time goes by, their newer inventions that can deliver the same results as natural sources. Manufactured wood is a common material used by most households nowadays.


  • The main component is sawdust
  • Burns faster and more efficiently than others
  • There is little to no moisture which doesn’t leave too much ash afterward


  • Has little difference compared to wooden bricks
  • These have their burners, known as pellet stoves
  • Generally burns in a quick manner

Overall, when using the fireplace, avoid using non-local, green, painted, and driftwood. This knowledge ensures a better masonry fireplace experience.