Using a Bathtub Refinishing Kit – The Why’s and How’s

Do you think that your bathtub has seen better days? You might think that the time for buying a new bathtub or refurbishing your old one has come upon you. Buying a new bathtub will cost you a lot, and if you don’t have the budget, we have the perfect solution for you. You need to use our bathtub refinishing kit.


Instead of deciding on a whim to replace your old bathtub with a new one, try to consider our bathtub refinishing kit first. You might not know it, but your old bathtub might still be in good condition, and our refinishing kit would solve your bathtub problems.


Here are some of the advantages of using our bathtub refinishing kit. Hopefully, this helps you solve your aging bathtub issues.


  1. Cheaper than changing to a new bathtub


Buying and installing a new bathtub would cost you around $1,222 to $6364, depending on your bathtub’s size. This would make both you and your wallet go on suicide. With our refinishing kit, you will save a whole lot more, for it only sells for a range of $275 to $559.


You will see a considerable price gap between the two, and we guarantee that even if we sell a cheaper solution, the effects of our kit will make your old bathtub look brand new. You might even say that it looks better than a brand-new bathtub.


  1. Easy to use


When it comes to buying a new bathtub, you will need the aid of bathtub installers to install your newly purchased bathtub properly. It consumes a tremendous amount of time, and the installation fees would surprise you because they can charge you a sum of money that seems out of your budget.


With our bathtub refinishing kit, not only does it eliminate the expensive services of bathtub installers, but it also allows you to perform the refinishing on your own since the process won’t be that hard to do.


We provide an instruction manual in every refinishing kit that you purchase from us, and these instructions prove easy to follow. Our team of professionals has tested the step-by-step procedures in our manual. They made it to fit the needs of every consumer.


  1. Has many varieties


Through the years, we have already produced a variety of refinishing kits for your bathtub needs. We have considered every aspect when choosing what type of kit you need to refinish your bathtub and bring it back to its former glory.


You name it. We got it from the standard bathtub refinishing kit that includes the basic needs of your bathtub to the premium refinishing packages that may consist of accessories for your bathtub and even tile refinishing as well. We also have premium kits with an anti-slip coating that reduces your bathtub’s slipping factor when it becomes wet.


Comparing it to a new bathtub, sure, it has a lot of varieties as well. But with our refinishing kit, we stress the importance of how much you can save with our products than buying a new bathtub.


  1. Does not consume time


Changing an old bathtub to a new bathtub would probably take up to 5 days. This also depends on how fast the installers would do their work. Our bathtub refinishing kit only consumes around 3 to 5 hours of your time, and this solely depends on the size of your bathtub and if you would want to add accessories to it.


Necessary Steps on How to Refinish your Bathtub


Now that you know the advantages of using our bathtub refinishing kit let me share the step-by-step procedures for refinishing your bathtub by yourself. This procedure is taken from our standard refinishing kit.


  1. Properly prepare the site of your bathtub. Refinishing your bathtub could be a messy task. We would recommend you to place heavy-duty plastic or sheets on places you don’t want your refinishing kit would mess up.


  1. Once you’re done with prepping the room, you start sanding your old bathtub finish. Ensure that the existing finishes around the bathtub have been sanded smooth to apply the new finishing coat correctly.


  1. Check visible cracks, chips, or rust on the bathtub. It would help if you restored them before applying the finish as well.


  1. The last and most important step of them all, apply your new primer coating to the bathtub. Methods and application techniques vary, but correctly placing the new coating should be your number 1 priority. After using the primer, let it dry for an hour, then apply multiple refinishing coating layers. Let it dry again for 2 hours, then apply the final sealing coating that protects your refinishing coat.


If you have successfully followed these steps, then your newly refinished bathtub would look brand new, and it would last up to 15 years before you need to refinish it again.