Five Vital Items Every International Student Need to Study in Canada

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Many international students are choosing Canada as a place to study abroad. There was an increase of 119% in foreign students enrollment recently since 2010. If you are planning to study in Canada, here are some essential things you need before you process that ETA Kanada.

Acceptance Letter from a Selected Learning Institution

Before you study in Canada, you need to make sure that you have the acceptance letter from a DLI or Designated Learning Institution. It is a school permitted by a Canadian provincial government to host international students. Primary and secondary schools are DLIs, but it is a different case for post-secondary schools.

Make sure that it is on the list first before you enroll and getting that letter of acceptance will act as proof in the application form for you to have a study permit.

Studt Permit

It is a legal authorization that grants a person to study at a DLI in Canada for more than six months. There are two forms that a permit holder needs to meet throughout the process, the eligibility requirements and necessities need to meet while in Canada.

Candidates must show an acceptance letter, proof of enough funds, and other required supporting documentation which varies depending on the country. To gratify the permit requirements, international students should enroll at a DLI, acknowledge the terms listed on the permit, and should leave Canada as soon as the license expires.

So, better process your ETA Kanada first visit the country and begin the application for the permit in advance.

Proof of Identity

You and any relatives should have a valid government-issued ID. It should allow you to return to the issuing country and it should not expire within six months of the travel period.

Proof of Funds

Another requirement for an international student, to receive a student permit, to show sufficient funds to support them and any accompanying relatives during their stay in Canada. It should cover the cost of living and tuition expenses during the first year of study.

Do remember that Quebec has a different requirement for the proof of funds. So, make sure that you have enough funds before processing your ETA Kanada. 

Health Coverage

Canada does offer free universal healthcare for their citizens. All global students must have health insurance while they study in Canada, though some provinces cover international students under their healthcare policy. If one doesn’t have a coverage plan, they can usually check private insurances or their universities, which is an additional to their tuition expenses.