How To Set Up A Gin Distillery


Venturing into an industry that is already dominated by strong brands globally takes a lot of courage. Only a few entrepreneurs can take this big step to develop a brand that influences the market flow and consumer interest. An important part about setting up a gin distillery is picking the right label for your brand. It is best to go to professionals to handle this bit of your business like The Label Makers to create magnificent designs that are catchy.

Setting Up A Gin Distillery 

There are multiple ways when it comes to setting up a distillery, but here are some guidelines to follow when venturing into this field:

Develop A Concept

Starting with a concept gives a direction to your brand. It is crucial and brings about the differentiation between your brand and others in the market. Developing an idea can be a story about how the brand came about, where the distillery will be located, or a unique way in which the gin is crafted.

Securing A License 

To be able to start brewing in the distillery, a license is required. For gin production, getting a rectifier’s license, which permits brewers to carry out the redistillation of spirits, is most likely needed. The application process for a permit should not take more than 45 working days.

Generate A Recipe And Source For Raw Materials 

As a newbie in the business, it is recommended to enlist the services of companies that have experience in the field, which is to ensure that your product is unique. Getting reviews from individuals in the industry, preferably bartenders, is also a helpful tip. When sourcing for raw materials, there are only a few suppliers who provide a neutral grain spirit, and they are all great options.

Developing A Brand And Packaging

The packaging is an important part when it comes to brand development. From the shape of the bottle to the design of the label, the cartons and closures are all very crucial. It is best to hire contract companies to handle, depending on your budget and requirements. For example, The Label Makers is one of your best options to create and design an astounding label for your brand. 

Marketing The Brand

Marketing your brand name entails promoting your business name, so consumers are aware of your product in the market. It requires a lot of engagement with retailers and wholesalers, setting up sampling events, showcasing at trade fairs, and even building online websites.

New spirit developers often face difficulties in making a wave in the market, but with the right gin labeling company, you are sure to put your brand out there. Overall, starting up a distillery might not seem very easy, but knowing the proper steps to follow can put your brand name on the market.