Risks and Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal is known as the most effective way to remove unwanted marks and tattoos. However, there are some risks of laser removal as well. If you have tattoos that you would rather forget, the best laser removal Auckland may be able to help you out. Here are the risks and benefits of laser tattoo removal.

Laser Removal Is Effective

Laser removal erasing creams and sprays will never remove tattoos. Inks used to apply tattoos are embedded deeper into the skin layers, and therefore, creams and sprays will never be able to penetrate. Lasers will remove several layers of the skin by slightly burning the upper skin tissues. As the skin gradually heals, newer and brighter skin is brought to the surface, and thus the tattoo is removed.

Laser Removal Is A Quick Process

You can skip lunch and schedule a tattoo laser removal session at your trusted laser skin clinic in your area. It takes only a few minutes to do, but of course, it may depend on the size and the intensity of the colors in your tattoo.

You may have to come back for succeeding treatments if you have a large tattoo, but your skin will be cared for by professionals. There is less likely any side effects as long as you follow post laser tattoo removal care.

Post Treatment Inflammation

Because laser tattoo removal is using a laser to burn the upper layers of the skin, you will likely experience inflammation. There will be slight swelling, redness, and irritation, but you will be provided with medications such as pain relievers and antibiotics to control inflammation. Your dermatologist will help monitor your recovery.

Skin inflammation can last for two to three days, and when your skin has fully recovered, your dermatologist may schedule your next laser removal sessions. Only after your series of tattoo removal sessions are done will you be able to get rid of your tattoo finally.

Possible Skin Infections

Skin infections are possible if you don’t care for your skin according to your dermatologist’s recommendations. Skin infections happen when bacteria enter and proliferate in your wound. You can prevent this by cleaning your wound well and applying antibiotic creams or an oral prescription.

Save time and money by scheduling laser tattoo removal today and get the brighter, healthier, and tattoo-free skin that you deserve.