See Videos About Fusionex Leader Ivan Teh

The leader reflects the performance of the firm. Since he started his operations in 2006, Fusionex continues to grow at a high percentage. He shares his insights on the humble beginnings of the company and its dedication to adapt technology to help its clients to manage their data.

The ability to anticipate the need for data management is the trademark of Fusionex. Ivan Teh, the Company Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fusionex took the lead. See the videos about Fusionex leader, Ivan Teh in the executive interviews section of the website.

The Leader’s Vision

Anticipating the need for data management, the leader envisioned the role of technology in data management. The humble beginnings of the company lead its way to its spot in Europe, the USA, and the Asia Pacific. The vast growth of the company is attributed to the leader’s vision. Here are some remarkable insights from the leader himself, Ivan Teh.


  • Envisioning the Green Grass


The color of the grass depends on how well you maintain it. Ivan Teh’s experience in working in Europe, the USA, and in other Asian countries made him witness different forms of taking care of the grass. He emphasized that regardless of the fence, the grass will always turn green if iit is taken good care.

This simple figurative term reflects the dedication of the leader to his masterpiece. The grass represents the clients and the leader’s vision makes it green. Hence, Ivan Teh takes good care of the clients by providing quality service in the digitalized world.


  • The market generates large data


The leader’s vision anticipated the need for data exchange. The problem arises as the market generates more data that is hard to manage and takes time for data exchange. The data is getting more complex and vast that it needs the intervention of technology. That’s where the leader sees the perspective of the huge role of technology.

To learn more about Fusionex leader, Ivan Teh, see the videos about him on the website. You will gain insights on his dedication and passion in the industry.