Standard Services Performed In An Air Conditioning New Orleans Annual Visit


In case you do not have an idea, an annual check-up for your air conditioning New Orleans unit is vital. People who ignore this are usually the ones who experience system breakdown. Check this article to know what services are performed during your AC annual visit.

Air Filter Change

The AC professional must change the filter to keep the dust build-up from airflow restriction within the system. Actually, you can change your filter every month. But like you, your annual AC check-up will also cover this service. It will further depend on the number of pets you have at home or whether you live near dusty roads. To make it easier for the maintenance provider, make sure to clean your unit each time there is an air filter change. Some grass, leaves, or debris can decrease your AC system’s efficiency and reduce its life.

Air Conditioning Tune-up

Your air conditioning New Orleans unit shall undergo primary care and maintenance procedures. It will make your HVAC more efficient. Your annual tune-up service will involve the following steps.

Thermostat Checking

The thermostat, as well as the other system panel or controls, are checked during this service. Your AC professional will ensure the components work well as the switch and inspect the appropriate points within the cycle. As you will see, this step is one of the ways to keep the correct temperature set-up of your system.

Electrical Inspection And Repair

The HVAC technician has to inspect the current and voltage in your unit. He must tighten all loose electrical connections to avoid malfunctions.

Parts Lubrication

The system motor, compressor, fans need lubrication, so the AC inspector will lubricate those parts to lessen friction.

Condensate Drain Check-up

This condensate drain might have blockage because back-up water may cause damage and corrosion to your equipment. Thus, checking-up this part is a must.

Indoor And Outdoor Coil Clean-Up

Your HVAC technician or service provider will clean the condenser and evaporator coil of your unit. Clean coils allow better heat transfer for greater air conditioning efficiency.

Refrigerant Level Adjustment

The right refrigerant levels help efficient AC system operation.

Final Words

These are the services that you will expect on your air conditioning repair New Orleans annual visit. Be sure to use and clean the unit to avoid unwanted damage or breakdown.