Why Oak Beams Are Great For Your Home


Are you planning to renovate your home or probably in the works of building your dream house? While in the process, you might have thought of unique designs that will make your house classy and elegant. One of the smartest and pleasing options is having a wooden beam. To convince you more, here are 5 reasons why structural oak beams are a perfect addition to your home sweet home.

Structurally Strong Structure

Oak Beams are excellent material for building as it is a type of wood that becomes more durable and harder as it ages. If you’ve noticed, most oak houses still stand today. Some of them have stood for hundreds of years. This is all thanks to its low weight and high-density property. Moreover, oak beams are very malleable, and it’s easy to carve them into shape, making it an excellent material for building a fancy frame for your fireplace.

Timeless Piece Of Wood

Ever wonder what type of wood is used around the fireplace of famous lodges or stately homes in movies? That wood is oak. Oak beams and oak framing have been used for building since time immemorial. Oak beams represent strength and longevity, and they still look great for a long time. The older the age of the oak is, the better it will look.

Resilient And Safe

One of the amazing features of oak beams is that it can repel insects without being adequately treated. It is a highly porous type of wood, making the moisture penetrate the wood easily. Also, oak is best suited for fireplace frames because of its low thermal conductivity level and a high degree of material density. Oak timber also retains its strength and shape even after many years, making it an excellent option in making your home safe for your family.

Easy To Style As Needed

Oak timber allows you a wide array of styles to fit your home as needed. You may either opt for a rustic style with thicker timbers or a more modern style with reclaimed beams or a combination of both. 


Oak trees are common trees as they can be found in many forests around the world, and therefore they are an affordable type of wood. Unlike more rare types of timbers, oak will not break the bank when you want it installed in your home. 


If you are searching for timber to use for your new home, you can never go wrong with oak beams. As one of the best oak beams suppliers in the UK, Border Hardwood can help give your homes a fresh new look with their quality and professionally-processed Oaks. They can help make your home safer and look elegant.