Want To Write For Us?

The blog we own is accepting for guest blog writers. As you can see, we’ve got lots of content in the business niche, and we’re always looking for fresh content that is related to our blog site. If you are looking to submit your articles to a business blog to have extra publicity for your website then let us know to find out more about our submission guidelines.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics

Affiliate marketing
HR, social media
Small business technology
Customer service
Women business concerns
Health care reform
Business Ideas
Buying/Selling websites
Driving traffic to websites
Search engine optimization
Creating awesome websites
Blog design features and functionality
Creating information & digital products
Making money from websites, blogs & forums
Web Designing and Development


One of the effective approaches of improving your traffic is guest blogging. Well crafted contents shared on various blog platform can improve additional publicity of your blog. After the blog owner shared your published content, his own audience can be converted as you visitors too, as a result. Not just that, they also make use of the social media to publish the content to find another source of traffic. The search engines love it when sites link to one another too, so obtaining more links from websites such as this one will offer you a boost in the search engines and assist you get more organic traffic. The contents you published in the blog site must be of similar theme of contents of your site. Both of the blogs and your websites must have the same niches covered. Example, if your website is in the business niche, then the blog site should also be in the same niche. You wouldn’t like to get a guest blog on a real estate blog for instance since this isn’t related to your website and looks strange to the search engines. There is an option in the submission. You can include photos or videos in the content you posted. This is all great content for the search engines and will make your guest publish much more successful.


Guest blog contents can be outsourced to anyone whose writing capability passes your standards or you can personally write for us then post the content as guest blog writer to site like who are continuously looking for contents. I Need Articles is one of the websites giving content writing services at a reasonable price.


We’ll send to you the blogging guidelines after you call us making use of our form. You can then start today submitting your contents. Content that you should submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for top quality standards. If you’re a guest author and want to be shown on our blog then get in touch.