AIO (all in one) Computers

Things to look at

Save some space:

You are working mainly at the one location, and the 15 inches display on your laptop is starting to feel cramped? You could add up an additional screen to your notebook, or you can even opt the desktop tower with a separate monitor!

But wait, the other option is AIO (all in one) desktop!

For about the exact amount you would spend on the midrange-to-high-end laptop with a 17-inch screen, you can also get an AIO desktop PC with 23 inches or larger screen. Here are some tips to be considered when shopping for an AIO PC:


Focus on the screen:

 The first thing to look at is the main screen of the machine. Whereas, the less expensive AIO’s PC will come with 20 inches screens, but these are better suited for the dorm rooms or classrooms. You can do a better with a 23 inches screen on the diagonal.

The pros and cons of the AIO’s PC:

  • As the AIO PCs are plugged-in, you can comfortably rest assured that you won’t run out of the battery. Even if you leave your machine on the sleep mode for months.
  • Have more powerful processors.
  • You can store lots of pictures, videos, and relevant data in it with such ease!
  • If you are at your kitchen counter, you can monitor your kids when they are online.
  • More significant in size, than of laptop! That makes it difficult to move it from room to room, but at the same time, they are more portable than the tower PCs.
  • AIO don’t have the expandability as compare to most of the towers.
  • They say towers are better in comparison to the All in one pcs when it comes to doing extensive work such as scientific exploration or CAM/CAD, etc.!