Fusionex For Data Technology

Fusionex is known globally for its several awards as a data technology provider, giving its presence a significant impact worldwide. The company also works plenty of fortune 500 clients not only in the United States but as well as Europe and the Asia Pacific region, bringing breakthrough and innovative solutions and ideas to its customers. With its incredible success, Fusionex is currently among the fastest and largest growing companies that focus on technology in the region.

Core Engine

The core engine is also known as the industry-agnostic, horizontal, core data management platform of Fusionex. It’s known for processing data of various values, veracities, velocities, varieties, and volumes. The core GIANT engine copes up with unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data that also covers the entire spectrum of machine learning, AI, and analytics due to continuous R&D.

Trade Facilitation / Retail / EFTZ

The module also includes e-commerce models, retail, and trade facilitation. Having components for advanced technology easily integrates sources of data from local markets, e-commerce platforms, seaports, logistic systems, merchants, e-fulfillment systems, manufacturers, airports, traders, and government agencies. Fusionex focuses on performing sanitization, risk management, verification, and data processing to provide efficient trading procedures.

Travel and Leisure (T&L)

The module leverages the core engine to extend its DMP to include all leisure and travel business models, data points, entity frameworks, and other specifics that the T&L requires. The components for advanced technology allow integrations across various sources of data seamlessly, including them park, property management, central reservation, travel agent, OTA, ticketing systems, and F&B.

Financial Services (FSI)

The module also offers financial services regarding specialized business models. The components of advanced technology integrate specific sources of data, which include wealth management, internet banking, insurance, core banking, payment, ICR, brokering, risk management, investment links systems, and loan management. It delivers augmented analytics and consistent intelligence to banks, modern fintech players, and insurance companies.

Fusionex specializes in artificial intelligence, analytics, machine learning, and big data. It is also the only company that is ASEAN-based with a successfully commercialized user-friendly and complete Big Data Analytics product. With the data technology that Fusionex offers, you can efficiently manage an industry of specific data, capture data in any size, shape, or form, and guarantee future success with augmented analytics and continuous intelligence.